In any process of creation or development, it is important to encourage creative thinking to propose innovative and disruptive solutions. We generate ideas through different techniques such as brainstorming, mind mapping, SCAMPER, moodboard or improvisation techniques among others.

Techniques to generate ideas

For those projects that require a large number of disruptive and innovative ideas to start from. Among the techniques to generate more popular creative ideas we find brainstorming or brainwriting, but there are many others that can help us in this phase: 365, pool of ideas…

Techniques to redesign

Sometimes we start from an established product, service or process and our objective is to improve or modify it based on criteria. One of the most widely used redesign techniques is SCAMPER, which works through a series of creative triggers.

Techniques to visualize ideas

Visualizing an idea or project is not always easy, so these techniques related to visual thinking will help make sense of our project, organize our ideas and communicate them better with the rest of the team.