Design thinking Consulting

Innovate in the projects of your organization, company or startup through Design Thinking accompanied by our multidisciplinary team!

When we talk about Consulting in Design Thinking, we talk about involving our team and actively working in a process of co-creation with our customers and their users.

As each project is different, we perform a previous analysis and do an exercise of contextualization, which allows us to know better the sector, adapting to the characteristics and possibilities of our clients.

We research, analyze, provide solutions, create a strategic plan and favor the right space for business, organizational, educational or social innovation, always from empathy with the user. In this way we are able to see things from the user’s point of view, but making the ideas viable for the organization, both technically and economically, which will increase the chances of success and enable cost savings.

Our multidisciplinary team, made up of design engineers, business and social psychologists, communicators and analysts, has the experience and capacity to contribute value at any stage of the design process, being able to carry out:

Market research

User analysis

Insight detection

Creative process



Technological development

The communication of the product, brand or service

With more than 15 years of experience implementing the methodology of Design Thinking, we have developed innovation projects for organizations in various fields: industry, marketing, health, services, agriculture and food industry, education or social. During this period, we faced very different challenges, from the design of services, experiences or products, or the redesign of processes, digital transformation projects or the company change management.