Design thinking en DKV

Design Thinking workshop at DKV

The last week we had the opportunity of giving a Design Thinking workshop at the DKV headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain), such a great experience that I now resume to you.

We arrived at 9am on Tuesday 19th to the DKV tower, located in the know as World Trade Center area of Zaragoza. Although it does not seem very different looking from outside, your idea changes when you come in. The best technology blends with a very vanguard design, the accessibility and the energetic efficiency. No doubt it is a great place to create.


At 9 am we were welcomed by Beatriz Aguado, head of training, who hired We headed together to the 8th floor we the room “imagine” was ready for us to start creating 🙂

We started the workshop at 10 o’clock with dynamic exercises to wake up our neurons and break the ice, then we talked about creativity and we practiced different techniques and exercises to help us foster it and interiorize them in order to use them in creative processes. During the exercises we realize that the group is very talented and we looked forward to see what they would be able to do during the next hours.

After a good and creative morning, at 12am we stopped for a coffee break to charge our batteries to tackle the Design Thinking part. We started with a brief and dynamic theoretical part and then we divided the room in groups with mixed backgrounds.

After a while our guess was confirmed the teamwork was fluent so the exercise went very smoothly and we almost didn’t have to help. We finished the ideas and prototypes around 3pm and left everything ready for the next day.


Next morning started with energy, waking up our brain connections and getting ready for the Storytelling, Marketing and Publicity workshop part. A bit of theory and we got started with a few examples and exercises of Transmedia Storytelling, a concept which is changing the way companies communicate with their clients.

We finished at 2pm after each group presented their project and the sincere and very positive feedback and analysis was given. After a very warm goodbye we started getting ready for the next Design Thinking workshop at DKV, where we will help them develop a new product for the company.

Until now we knew DKV was a great company, but we didn’t know the high professional and human level of their employees, their great internal communication and teamwork skills. No doubt one of the best we have encountered until now. Do you think the work environment does anything to do with that? We do believe so!


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