Design Thinking

It is an agile methodology to innovate that can be applied to any field: health, education, service design, marketing, human resources… It aims to design or redesign products, processes or services efficiently and always with the user at the center. Numerous studies show its profitability to face an innovation process.

Design Thinking in Human Resources

The complexity of the human resources area requires the application of a methodology that helps to faithfully understand the target audience with which we work, while facilitating teamwork and generating innovative ideas, improving the efficiency of the process. We will solve the needs of organizations considering what is technologically feasible, economically viable and can be accomplished in a limited time.

Design Thinking for Startups

The field in which a startup moves is constantly evolving, so it needs to be very fast in order to compete in the market, agile methodologies are essential to achieve this goal. Currently, keeping the user in mind throughout the process of creating and developing a startup is essential, for this we use Design Thinking in short cycles, applying what is known as Design Sprint.

Design Thinking in Industry 4.0

In recent years we have witnessed a great technological evolution that has placed us in what we know as Industry 4.0. In this environment, the creation of technological innovation projects must be based on a firm but flexible methodological base that allows the introduction of technologies such as the Internet of Things, 3D printing, virtual reality, collaborative robotics, etc.