COFC – Training in communication and sales strategy AdherenciaMED program


Proyecto Training in communication and sales strategy AdherenciaMED program
Cliente COFC
Año 2018

We developed specialized training in communication and sales strategies for the AdherenciaMED program, developed by the Official College of Pharmacists of A Coruña. The objective was to provide pharmacists with the necessary mechanisms to attract and communicate with their patients in the different phases of this programme.

On the one hand, a better communication of pharmacists with their own clients was worked on, for which purpose the following dynamics were explained and carried out:

  • Levels of communication: verbal, non-verbal and environment.
  • Persuasion techniques.
  • Agile presentations or Elevator Pitch.
  • Obtaining feedback.

On the other hand, strategies were given to achieve successful communication with different types of clients that can be found in pharmacies: dominant, distracted, reserved, talkative, indecisive, vain, unstable, slow and disoriented. To put into practice the acquisition of these skills, a role-play dynamic was carried out, where pharmacists had to interact with each of these profiles.