ENCE – Redesign of the owner loyalty programme

  • Prototipo final
  • Trabajanddo en equipo prototipo Design Thinking
  • Trabajando en equipo proyecto Design Thinking
  • Realizando prototipo de proyecto
  • Presentación proyecto de Design Thinking
  • Trabajando pensamiento lateral
  • Material para realizar prototipos
  • Grupo de trabajo realizando prototipos
  • Ejercicio de creatividad moodboard
  • Ejercicio de analogías con plátano


Proyecto Redesign of the owner loyalty programme
Cliente ENCE
Año 2019

We carried out a consulting project in Design Thinking focused on five strategic areas of the company. The aim was to strengthen the loyalty of wood owners in each of these areas, for which the 50 participants were divided into multidisciplinary teams, each of them accompanied by a facilitator from our team.

Using user analysis tools such as Personas, Empathy Map or Customer Journey Map, the different teams created solutions adapted to their target profiles. At the end of the session, the teams of each strategic area made a presentation about the solutions they developed.

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