Proyecto Analysis of the value chain and redesign of the Gama DUO
Cliente FINSA
Año 2018

This project was carried out over three months in different locations in Spain (Santiago de Compostela, Madrid and Bilbao). The goal was to redesign how the Gama DUO would look like in the medium/long term, which is one of the most important products in Finsa’s catalogue.

In order to achieve this, we proposed in the first place, to carry out an in-depth analysis of the product value chain through qualitative research, for which we conducted numerous discussion groups and in-depth interviews, with a very important representation of its agents from all over Spain.

Then we detected the needs and opportunities of the wood chain and defined the insights. From here we carried out several co-creation workshops together with Finsa multidisciplinary teams, where solutions for these insights were conceptualized.

Currently, the results of the project are in the development phase in the company.