Kompact Wall – Road barrier design

Barrera carreteras
Barrera carreteras
Barrera carreteras


Proyecto Road barrier design
Cliente Rotogal
Año 2006

In the execution of this project the keys were both the user feedback of this type of products and the observation, in this way we detected needs that until that moment had not been covered.

What most caught our attention is that there was no barrier in the market that would adapt to the irregularities of the terrain, mainly due to the system of joining them, which allowed only a slight horizontal but never vertical rotation. To solve it we use lateral thinking looking for union elements applied in other contexts that would allow us that adaptability. Thus we came to the conclusion that a ball-and-socket system was the ideal solution since it allowed us a complete rotation.

In addition to this we developed it in such a way that they can be stacked, optimizing the measures for their logistics and placing reflective adhesives to provide greater visibility.