Vermis – Fujitsu Design Award Finalist Project

Vermis ordenador Fujitsu
Vermis ordenador Fujitsu
Vermis ordenador Fujitsu


Proyecto Vermis - Fujitsu Design Award Finalist Project
Cliente Fujitsu
Año 2011

Using the Design Thinking methodology , we analyzed the evolution of the world of computing until 2010, we conducted in-depth interviews to both early adopters and middle-aged users and we investigated the latest technologies and materials developed in the most advanced technology research centers worldwide, such as MIT.

With all that information and applying creativity techniques such as Fantastic Analogies, we imagined how the world of computing could evolve until the year 2020. So we created this proposal at a time when wearables, computing or nanotechnology were not concepts that people knew.

The Vermis concept is composed of two elements, a battery-size capsule that functions as a CPU and an intelligent material that when connected to the capsule, varies its shape according to the electrical impulses generated by the software.

This intelligent material has an integrated nano-projector of tactile holograms, which allows us to interact with the image, taking to the minimum expression the concept of screen that existed in 2010.

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