Design Thinking Training

  • Prototipo recursos humanos
  • Técnica de creatividad brainstorming
  • Técnica de empatía análisis del usuario
  • Dinámica presentación
  • Dinámicas de activación
  • Técnicas de creatividad
  • Actividad pensamiento lateral
  • Actividad employee journey map
  • Actividad mapa de empatía
  • Taller mapa empatía

Workshop on Design Thinking focused on HR

Completion of a 6-hour training in Design Thinking specifically applied in the Human Resources field. The objective of this workshop was for the participants to...
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design thinking gal google campus london 

Google Campus London – Design Thinking Workshop

This Design Thinking Workshop, held at Google Campus London, lasted 4 hours and was divided into two parts. In the first one we showed the...
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Design Thinking en salud DKV 

DKV – Intensive Design Thinking Workshop

Workshop held at the headquarters of DKV Seguros in Zaragoza with a duration of 8 hours divided into two days. During the first day we...
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