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Promoting wellness at work

Now that we have returned to work after the holidays, many of us will still arrive bleary-eyed to work, grumbling about how good it was staying in bed or having to stand an irritating person every morning…

But not all is bad!! Along with the return to work also come the faces of colleague friends, the jokes, the morning coffee (or afternoon), anecdotes and an endless variety of good things about our work.

Sure, it is not easy to detect those elements and many do not achieve to maintain a positive attitude at work. Today we bring you some tips that can help you to overcome this hard time getting back to the routine 😉

– Transform the negative thoughts into positive ones. We often focus on the negative side of a situation, but certainly it also has a positive side we can make use of.

– Carpe Diem or “think here and now”, because many times, we get angry anticipating future problems that will never happen.

– Work more in teams. To help others and getting help makes us feel happy, to feel we’ve helped someone and we have been part of the creation of something increase our happiness and optimism.

– Set a schedule and goals to accomplish each day. At the end of the working day you will see them finish and feel more satisfied and proud of yourself.

– And last but not least, enjoy. Take that coffee at mid-morning and take advantage of those 15 minutes-break to have a relaxed conversation with your colleagues. Social relations and rest will help you to see things more optimistically.

But… why should we be optimistic at work? Well, primarily because we will be happier and that, ultimately, will have influence in a better personal health: either in physical, psychological and social level. But a positive attitude at work also makes our performance better. Besides… nobody likes to have a sad and angry person working aside, we prefer always smiling and friendly people that we can count with, to solve a problem.

So, you already know! Let’s implement these tips to live a happier life 🙂

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