Taller de design thinking avanzado

Testing our Design Thinking Advanced Program

Two years ago, Vermis Project, decided to publicize and enhance the value of the methodology we had been working with, for over ten years. A methodology that helped us to solve many problems and address many other needs, the Design Thinking.

We wanted to talk from real experiences and empower the capacities that are underdeveloped in our education system and that are key to carrying out a design process: creativity and communication. We had the privilege of having on the team, two great professionals from whom we continue to learn every day, José Ramón Rodríguez, business and psychologist educator and Miguel Seoane, philologist and journalist.

We invited a group of friends from different sectors that are characterized by their critical thinking and for being references on what they do. The idea was to test a new formative experience and get their honest opinion. We wanted to be consistent with the methodology we defend and test our educational product before we put it in the market.

Among that group of guests, they were Chus Prol and Sara Marsillas, which today are part of DesignThinking.gal as the storyteller and the social psychologist respectively .

As in any innovation process, there were many things to improve, but the evaluation of both the participants and the experience was so good we decided to bet heavily on this format and make it known wherever we were.

From then until now, teaching this methodology gives us the opportunity to travel, meet interesting people and have great formative experiences both nationally and internationally, and especially, participate in projects which helped to innovate and improve the society.

The recently passed March 12th, we celebrated the second anniversary of that first workshop of Design Thinking  at our headquarters in Santiago de Compostela. Now, two years later, the same guests were invited again to revive the experience, but, this time, testing the Advanced Design Thinking workshop.

The sun came out for the occasion and we could enjoy the natural and unique environment where we are very fortunate to work at. We shared knowledge, views, projects, anecdotes and enjoyed what has become, another day that we will always remember.

Regardless of the feedback, which turned out very positive and allows us to further improve the program. I stay with the energy the group transmitted, the energy that invaded the workspace and each one of the participants.

That energy, which after two years I still do not know how to define, is what gives meaning to our training offer, which charges us up in each workshop and course and is the indication that this is the right way to follow.

I would like to end this post by thanking everyone who during this time shared that energy with us, from which we learned in each workshop and who make possible this project continues to grow.

Thank you!

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