Training in Design Thinking

Learn the methodology of Design Thinking and boost your skills and those of your organization in the fields of creativity, innovation, teamwork, communication and emotional intelligence!

We design and develop training courses in Design Thinking customized for individuals, startups, companies or big organizations that seek innovation in sectors such as services, education, health, engineering, tourism, marketing, agriculture and food industry, social and many others.

We believe that education must adapt to the context since both people and the environment are very different from one place to another. Analyzing for instance the Spanish context, we detected that at the formative level there are a series of deficiencies in the fields of creativity and communication in contrast to other countries, those differences prevent people from carrying out correctly the methodology of Design Thinking.

That is the reason we modified the traditional scheme of the methodology and we integrated storytelling and empowering creative thinking in each of the project phases. In addition, we visualize Design Thinking as what it is, a non-linear process that works through iterations.

We offer a training model with a practical and participatory approach, where the student learns from real projects carried out in multidisciplinary teams and in an environment where communication and creative development are encouraged.

Our training offer is varied and adapted to different types of clients, so we offer:

Basic, intermediate and advanced Thinking Design courses

Intensive Design Thinking Bootcamps

Expert level training in Design Thinking