User Analysis

User analysis

We offer market research services based on quantitative and qualitative methodology to meet the needs of users.

Qualitative analysis

We use qualitative research techniques such as focus groups, participant observation or in-depth interviews to make an analysis of the market, group or consumer. While quantitative research allows us to know what is happening, qualitative research helps us understand why it happens, delving into the needs, attitudes, motivations and desires of our target audience.

Quantitative analysis

Within market research techniques, we can distinguish between qualitative and quantitative techniques, which help us to analyze a context, problem or situation by asking directly the people involved. Through a study through surveys, we can obtain representative information about our object of study that helps us generate solutions adapted to our target and replicable in similar audiences.


We use techniques from the field of anthropology to deepen the social and cultural analysis of the target audience. Some techniques typical of social anthropology and cultural anthropology, such as ethnography, help us better understand the context in which we innovate.