What are the advantages?

Design Thinking is assuming a worldwide paradigm change in innovation organizations. The main reason are the advantages of this methodology which are summarized in the following:

– The user is analyzed using market research techniques and user analysis

– Enhance creative ability and a disruptive approach to provide innovative ideas to problems or needs of the user

– The solutions that are obtained are well defined and based on work in multidisciplinary teams. This at the same time provides a significant improvement in the coordination of work teams, communication and collaborative synergy

– Projects are pre-tested to get user feedback, so the chances of success and cost savings are much higher.  In this way it becomes a very effective tool in decision making because, as in scientific culture, design thinking is based on objective data, experimentation and testing

– The communication of projects improves exponentially, because the degree of empathy with the user is very high and we use tools such as storytelling to send the message

“Those who say that something can not be done, are often interrupted by someone who is already doing it” (Joel A. Barker)