Why Designthinking.gal?

Designthinking.gal is an educational platform formed by an experienced and multidisciplinary team with vast and international experience either in the industry and the education fields, who develops the Design Thinking methodology applied to different cultural environments.

This adaptation to the culture tries to fill the differences and lacks in education in regards to other education systems and that burden people throughout their life. So, we explore and work on creativity and teamwork techniques and self confidence and also on Storytelling to help students to sell their products or services from the emotional side.

The DesignThinking.gal team rethinks the working methods to boost innovation within companies and make it a key strategic factor allowing differentiation in the market and increasing the value.

We offer a new educational model where the students learn through making and testing on real projects and using teamwork procedures, we encourage creativity and joy through the process. We don’t develop business models, we develop people.

One of the key factors is the networking. We help students develop new networks and collaborations and create a space where to share their experiences and learn from each other.

“The big ideas are the ones you are surprise were not invented before” (Noel Clarasó)

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